Everyone is looking for the next trending post or buzzword about the things related to our experience. From our hobbies to what we eat to the newest app to simplify our life. How can we form our own trend with our talents and skills? How do we advocate for ourselves each step of the way along the journey we choose? We have to be willing to ask relevant questions which range from what are our strengths to what attributes we should focus on to improve. We all have measurable potential to contribute to our experience of life. That potential separates us from everyone else and they are so specific that could “Trend” as others search for that potential.

I have been in the professional career field as a banker for the last thirteen years. I have progressed in my role as I have moved from a teller position to management and lending. Only two years ago did I truly find out what my real strengths are. As I progressed in my capacity, I did not have anyone advocating for my personal, professional development. The change took place because of the vision of a man by the name of Ronnie Rouse. Ronnie took interest in the management staff, not for what they could do for the benefit of the bank but what they were capable of in their own life.

I realized that his purpose was not to produce a productive management team to drive the bottom line of profit for the bank. His method was to produce insight and personal growth on an individual level that promoted potential that surpasses the environment. It is his dedication to individual development that created a spark in me to promote the same for others. There are many options available to begin the process of understanding the strengths you have to know how to trend your potential.

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