How often do we ask ourselves how long something should take before it is completed? Do we really want to know the answer when we ask? Is determining the distance of any measurable length or time the best place to start when you want to begin something new? If you have not gathered from all my other posts, I ask a lot of questions. That helps me with the direction of what I want to accomplish much like knowing what distance I need to strive for to complete a goal.

Really though, when we set out to build something or with others to generate a meaningful piece meant to be shared with everyone, do we need to set an arbitrary timeline on our process to ensure it is completed within that constraint? The answer to that is “YES” we do need to begin a project to reach a goal with a timeline in mind so we do not lose site of what the end is meant to accomplish.

I am not going to lie, I have been known in my past as someone who is very good at this part of accomplishing goals. I usually got lost between the idea and the finished product in my mind. With that said, I work at this part of the process every day because I know that what I am creating is for a purpose and hopefully adds value. To be transparent with you, I have had issues with limiting distractions that ultimately hinder this first step to setting a timeline. The completed goal should always out weigh the minor distractions that we have to resist. There are proven methods to not only reduce distractions but to eliminate them all together.

Professionals suggest that in order for productive behaviors to flourish, minimizing distractions can be as easy as establishing different behaviors at those times you know you are supposed focus. Limiting if not completely disabling the technology that has infiltrated every second of our lives. In other words, Turn OFF those phones and tablets if you want to get anything done! Some other handy suggestions are to limit the amount of communication with others unless they have a part of the process you are trying to complete.

Be intentional to space out incremental breaks in the time you do work, remember to stick to the time you allot, 5 to 10 minutes. One change that I have made that has made vast improvement is the quality of sleep my body gets. My focus is more intentional when I have a more restful night. On the topic of rest, it is a very known fact that some of the most brilliant minds took naps frequently. If incremental slumber is good for some of the most successful people, it certainly is for everyone else.

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