It is beyond important to finding one’s motivation that drives the very life we live. There is a force in each of us that gives us a deep rooted understanding that we are capable of doing anything that we want to do. This force is forged through trial and error and the ups and downs of our choices. Those choices whether easy or hard and the consequences of them, shape the force of motivation in us.

The motivation for some may be a fleeting source that becomes a void in their soul they have difficulty replenishing. For others, motivation is a fuel that pushes them further to win at whatever game they think they are playing. At times, I have faced a severe lack of motivation to get anything accomplished let alone writing a blog or create better habits that equal a better life. What I so desperately want to become, is that person that never lives a second without being motivated to be different. Different in a way that can defy normality which seeks to push limits and boundaries internally. The trap that I am certain that many others face is contentment. Fight or flight has become numb and we simply exist day after day.

If we want to succeed, comfort is one of the most crucial things we should work to destroy in our lives. Comfort is a thief of our joy that has yet to come. It limits our progress and perpetuates a false understanding of our potential. By making intentional actions every day to work out our goals, comfort can not exist in our lives. When we truly understand that the motivation we seek does not coincide with comfort, we stop making excuses for the life we think we want and start living the life we need. All of the excuses I have made sound so selfish when I think about them. I’m tired, or I’m just not up to it. I don’t feel like writing today. I can do it tomorrow. Every time we do that we excuse ourselves of living the life we want! We may not know exactly what our life is to look like but it needs to start now!

Live today as if it were your last.


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