A unique concept that has been permeating the world of business and entrepreneurship is that of giving more than you take. The idea is very simple but yet difficult for mainstream industries to grasp.

The basis of the philanthropic business model is one that several companies are implementing that is trending on a global scale. That trend can be analyzed to its key component which is generating a collective acceptance of extrinsic value for the purpose or cause.

To provide either equal parts of generosity and traditional capitalism, or to fund a separate purpose through sales of product or service, is taking hold as a viable method of creating a sustainable entity that lives and breathes on its own.

Those who accept this selfless formation of neo-capitalism are ultimately the true benefactor. Giving to anyone who has a need that you address while gaining a loyal market for a brand, goes beyond the ideological business principles that have been grounded in greed. Let me know what you think about the trend in selfless based companies with your feedback.

Thank you for taking your time to read today.

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