There are so many new and exciting things taking place in our world that no one person can really keep up with all of it. One generation is always behind the next with a severe lack of understanding of what is driving the generation coming up in history. I am 41 years old and I ordered my first pizza online last week. Even though I am not ashamed to admit that, there are some key components that I realized in that moment of satisfactory use of an integrated platform.

I had to acknowledge that I either had not cared to use a tool like the web based ordering tool to procure a delectable pizza or I really was just clueless to its capability. This lead me to really consider what I am missing out on and what, if anything I can do to begin the process of learning this new awesome world that is all based within what I have ignored.

Yes, I have a blog and yes I do know how to tap into the internet but this simple usage of a tool gave new meaning and sparked a desire to explore more. So the moral of this story is do not ever consider yourself to old for new tricks.

Have a great Day!

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