We are all on the same road toward one goal which is success. There are several key elements that drive outcome and the most important in my opinion.

The point in time that you truly understand the magnitude of your potential, you are more than half way to understanding your success. All of us were born with characteristics or abilities that distinguish us from everyone else. No matter that you were born with, you have potential in life to do great things.

The hardest part is accepting that potential and knowing how to use it. Start by digging into who you are and what interests you have had over the last ten years. Passion for an activity or a function can really help you understand the potential that is waiting to be discovered in you.

As an example, my passion is people and to me I see endless potential to have an impact on the lives of others. Merely writing this blog is an expression of my potential because if it even reaches one person who picks up my message, than the potential was not wasted. Changing the world one person at a time is not impossible. You must begin with yourself first.

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