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The benefits of the connected world we live allow for tremendous potential to expand our personal a professional horizon.

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Identifying and expanding your potential is the focal point and dedication of this venture. Defining your success is paramount to our success.

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Eddie Hanson

Eddie Hanson

Writer | Speaker | Solopreneur

I rarely ever meet a stranger through my work or personal life because I value the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives. Life is a tremendous gift and one that is to be shared. The ability to see into the heart of others has provided a unique perspective as close relationships are built over time. We have become so disconnected on a personal level that I am driven to change that even if one person at a time.

I have several interests in life which include everything from exercise to fly fishing and a love of fast cars and motorcycles. My music selection which drives the attitude of the moment is as eclectic as I am. Don’t tell anyone, but I listen to a lot of fast dance music that gets me going from energizing me in the mornings to putting me to sleep at night. As a mid 70’s kid I love so many genres it would take a week to go through the list.

In my professional experience in banking and as a Solopreneur, there have been multiple challenges that I have grown from. Much of what I learn every day is that as long as I put my mind to the result, the obstacle I am facing is irrelevant. It is that knowledge I have that I desire to share with others so they may be able to avoid similar pitfalls I faced. Each of us has a talent or a gift and I choose to utilize mine for the benefit of others.

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